...Long story short, I had to get a new computer in order to post updates, because the one I've been using at work uses an older operating system and is apparently no longer compatible with the Yola website. (Actually I had to get a new laptop for at home anyway, but that's another story....)

Anyway, I'm back after far too long an absence. So first things first: When things went "kerflooey" I was two posts away from completing my participation in the "Spohn Challenge," which asks participants to write one new short story every week for a full calendar year... any genre, no minimum or maximum word counts. I did complete the project as per the rules, but posted the stories on Facebook rather than here due to the computer issues. Now that I have a functional computer with which to post again, I had planned to go ahead and post both stories here for completeness' sake, but so much time has gone by that I decided against it.

But for those who are interested, both stories ended up being included in my most recent short story collection, "If You Can't Take The Heat, Don't Tickle The Dragon," which came out this past Christmas and is available at Amazon.com. Check it out, won't you?