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Posted by John Allen Small on Wednesday, November 27, 2013, In : A Story A Week 
(NOTE: This latest entry in the "Spohn Challenge" project is submitted with sincerest best wishes for a happy holiday.)

Thanksgiving was fast approaching, and Mrs. and Mrs. Patterson had received a holiday card in the mail from their son and his family, who lived out on the west coast and were planning to spend the holiday this year with his wife’s family. The poem printed inside the card was your typical bit of greeting card drivel, but their son’s handwritten note below that poem told ho...

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Posted by John Allen Small on Friday, November 22, 2013, In : History 

I was all of five months, 21 days and a handful of hours old on that dark day in November of 1963 when a man was murdered in broad daylight on the streets of Dallas, Texas... and history was changed irrevocably.

Our lifetimes intersected for a period, but I remember nothing about him. Or of that period in the early 1960s Kennedy’s name still evokes in the hearts and minds of so many who do remember him – a time of hope and optimism in America, when we were first looking towards the moon ...

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Posted by John Allen Small on Thursday, November 21, 2013, In : A Story A Week 
(NOTE: This is obviously entry number 9 in the weekly "Spohn Challenge" project. Another David Gerrold-inspired two-sentence shorty, this time of the war genre...)

"There, that's got it," Ezekiel Butterfield happily exclaimed to his wife as he slipped the final piece of the jigsaw puzzle into place.

Just then the bombing started...

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Posted by John Allen Small on Friday, November 15, 2013, In : A Story A Week 
(NOTE: This is entry number eight in the weekly "Spohn Challenge" project. Steve Sykes, what have you gotten me into?"

Snow White, Tom Thumb and Quasimodo were having lunch together at the Brothers Grimm Commissary one day, swapping stories about their various misadventures and sharing gossip about other famous fairy tale characters they all knew.

At one point, for no apparent reason, Snow White took a sip of her chocolate milk and announced, “You know, I reckon I must be the most beautiful g...

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"A Story A Week" No. 7: Two-Sentence Science Fiction Story

Posted by John Allen Small on Friday, November 8, 2013, In : A Story A Week 
(Note: For this week's entry in the year-long "Spohn Challence" I decided to go back to the writing exercise David Gerrold discussed on his Facebook page a few weeks back - only this time instead of a two-sentence horror story I thought I'd try my hand at a two-sentence SF tale. This one was inspired by a telecommunications ad that's currently airing on TV...)

Horton activated the "help" app on his cell phone and said, "Google, how do I get home?"

"You don't," the digitized voice responded co...

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Posted by John Allen Small on Thursday, November 7, 2013, In : Pop Culture 

(Above left: The poster at the entryway of the Kingston Trio traveling exhibit at the American Banjo Museum in Oklahoma City through May of 2014. Above right: KT founding member Bob Shane holding copies of both the paperback and hardback editions of the anthology The Green Hornet: Still At Large, which contains my story "Bad Man's Blunder" in which The Hornet meets Bob, Nick Reynolds, John Stewart and Dean Reilly. Below: Just a few of the great KT albums released over the years.)

Longtime r...

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Posted by John Allen Small on Friday, November 1, 2013, In : A Story A Week 
(NOTE: This is my sixth entry in the weekly "Spohn Challenge" project. Looking back over the finished product, I find that this one reads as if it is the ending chapter of a longer story.  Hmmm...)

Debbie was tucking Scottie in for the night when I got home. I didn’t think she’d heard me come in; I made practically no noise, and she kept her back to me as I stood watching her from the hallway outside his room. She sang that lullaby I’d taught her not long after he was born. The one my mo...

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