I read an article the other day which reported that the Pez candy company is planning to produce a movie based on their candy dispensers, more or less along the same lines as The Lego Movie.


Now I stand second to no one in my fondness for Pez. I remember my brothers and I using our Pez dispensers as pseudo-action figures when we were little kids, and often find myself wishing that I still had the Green Hornet Pez Dispenser my parents bought for me (for a mere 33 cents, if I remember correctly) way back in the late 1960s; I played with that one until it finally just fell apart, I’m afraid. 

(Back in 2006, when I was a guest speaker at the San Diego Comic-Con, I was nearly moved to tears when I ran across a vender who actually had one of the Hornet dispensers to sell - for about $300! Honest, I would have taken better care of mine if I had known...)

Yes, I still buy Pez candy from time to time (don’t tell my doctor), and still manage to recall the childlike thrill we used to get when we gobbled them down several at a time, calling them our “super-secret superhero energy pills.” I have even managed to build up a modest but much-loved collection of some of the newer dispensers in recent years. The crown jewel of that collection at the moment is a boxed set of dispensers made in the likenesses of the first five Presidents of the United States: George Washington through James Monroe; someday I really need to see if I can find the rest of that series. 

And as a fan of Legos since well before being a Lego fan was cool - something I’ve written about a number of times over the years - I certainly enjoyed The Lego Movie (in spite of the presence of Will Ferrell, whose popularity I will NEVER understand). 

But an entire movie starring Pez dispensers as characters? Maybe I'm just getting old, but I admit I'm having a little trouble wrapping my head around that idea.

Wow. I just had a mental image of my head on the top of a Pez dispenser, being flipped back for a piece of candy...